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Developers Page
Hello and welcome to the developers page. Here you can view the code of Wyco Netz and use developer funtions. Below this text, you can view and copy the code of Wyco Netz to edit and use in you own creations, but keep in mind: you must edit the code, and must change the header and title names. The code shown is from a previous version. If you want to see the current version, use the inspect tool.

How Do I View The Code Of Other Pages?
It's simple. Type view-source: then the link of the page in your browser URL bar. For example, view-source:

How Do I Access Other Funtions?
To access other funtions, on Chrome, visit chrome://inspect/. On Edge, visit edge://inspect. On WNO, visit /system/devtools. Other WNO dev links are:
- /system/dev
- /system/code
- /system/inspect
- /devhub/home